one note
Christian Borngräber - solo project is the new project of Christian Borngräber. Everybody who has a piano and some microphones to record is invited to make a recording of one note of his/her instrument. As soon there is enough material to build a virtual piano a kontakt-instrument out of the different sound will be created. The next step is to compose music for that instrument. The release of the record is planned for early 2012 on m=minimal.

news urlaub
borngräber & strüver - urlaub

May 16th 2011 is the release date of the new album "urlaub" by borngräber & strüver. Subscribers of the british music magazine "the wire" will be able to listen to a special edit of the track "dancing queen" which will be included in the download sampler "below the radar".


news cumberland
Haus Cumberland
Artshock-Studios composed the music for this new image movie "Haus Cumberland". Again it was a work for Hearts&Minds / Profipartner .
The complete  Movie is available here.

news bsr
For the spot for the introduction of the new orange box Artshock-Studios were asked to compose an acoustic theme. The creators of the beautiful images of this spot are v8films.
On the website of the BSR another, longer version of the spot is available.

The corporate movie "Kesselhausquartier" is a new work for the
production company Hearts-and-Minds. The movie shows a broad
spectrum of the musical habilities of Artshock-Studios and also
shows their skills in the area of sound design.

borngräber & strüver - "in g"
On October 25th 2010 the new album "in g" by borngräber
& strüver
was released on berlin based label m=minimal. The
project of Artshock-Studios co-founder Christian Borngräber
exists since 1999. After 4 years of silence they are back with
this release that is only available on vinyl and as download.
m=minimal is distributed worldwide by kompakt.

Since June 1st the image film "Zuckerwarenfabrik" is online. This
HD film produced by Berlin company Hearts and Minds was created
for Profi Partner. All the music was composed and produced by
Sergio Klein and Christian Borngräber. The sound design also was
done by Artshock Studios.

Aristides Instruments Endorsement
Since June 2010 Sergio Klein has started a cooperation with
Aristides Instruments from Amsterdam. From now on you will
be able to listen to those exceptional instruments on every
Artshock Studios production where electric guitar is needed.

Artshock Vol.1
We released our first Sampler with tracks for films, commercials
and video games. It features 19 tracks of original music composed
and produced by Artshock-Studios. These tracks shows the breadth
and uniqueness of Klein and Borngräber’s work as composers and
producers. A selection of tracks is also available on the mp3 player
on this website.
Artshock Vol.1-Sampler for free!

If you like, you can send us an email to,
and we will send you your copy of the CD. If you like we are also able
to send you an mp3 via email.