Founded in Berlin in 2009, Artshock-Studios
offers original music composition and
production for media projects ranging
from Internet presentations to commercials,
corporate video, games, dance, theatre,
movie soundtracks and sound design.

Our studio is equipped with modern digital
equipment but also counts with some
jewels from the time of analog studio
technology. From voice recordings and ADR,
5.1 mixes to band productions, we can cover
a great variety of tasks.

Before the founding of Artshock Studios,
Christian Borngräber and Sergio Klein have
been in the music business for more than
12 years. As a team, they combine their
versatile approaches to music creation
and production in an optimal way. The
results are high quality original compositions
produced with the best technology available
and we deliver on schedule.

A major strength of Artshock-Studios is
its firm foundation within the Berlin music
scene and its connection with numerous
world-class musicians whose professionalism
and drive help Borngräber and Klein produce
unique compositions of top quality in the
shortest amount of time.

Profile of Christian Borngräber
Profile of Sergio Klein
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